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Is  your dog barking, biting, jumping, digging, ripping up the furniture?  Is your dog seemingly frightened of children, garbage trucks, other dogs, noises or humans?  Does your dog guard you, get snappy with other dogs, or chase the cat?

There are many issues dogs can have.....over-excitement, obsession, nervousness, aggression, dominance- and all of them can be created (or made worse) by us.  

If you want to overcome these issues, you must first realize that you are the source.  Help for behavioral issues starts with your willingness to change some of your own behavior.  Dogs feed on the energy around them right now.  They do not understand anger, frustration, feeling guilty or sorry, being out of time or any of the other complicated emotions that humans express.  Dogs take all of that as weakness.  The only thing they respond to is calmness, patience, and strength.  Once we can determine the source of the behavior, we can come up with a plan to redirect or correct the behavior, and then reward appropriately for the right behavior.

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Jimi Dixon

Dog Behaviorist