At Fuzzy-Wolf Canine Behavioral Center, we educate the human about their canine pet, give an understanding of how to project leadership through calmness, patience and strength.  Dogs will not follow a weak energy.  If they do not sense leadership, their DNA tells them to take over the situation, because dogs NEED a leader. 

A leader is not mean, angry or frustrated.  A leader projects calmness no matter what is going on.  One of the biggest mistakes is to let yourself become the energy of the dog.  If he is excited and we try to stop the behavior through excitement or anger, we lose.  Training yourself means being completely honest with yourself about how you feel before you pick up that leash or address the dog.  They already KNOW how you feel, so trying to hide it from a dog is useless.  Don't ever play Poker with a dog- you will lose every time!

Learning how to hold the leash properly, address behavior quickly with the right intensity and at the right time takes commitment.  Training yourself to "read" your dog gives you the power to figure out what he is trying to tell you so you can act appropriately.  It also allows you to communicate with another species, which is very satisfying.

Just learning how to play with your dog, how to create a learning atmosphere, and how to follow through to achieve a lasting bond creates confidence in you and your dog.

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Jimi Dixon

Dog Behaviorist

Jimi Dixon

Dog Behaviorist


Fuzzy Wolf Canine Behavioral Training

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