Enzo's Story:  A Bad beginning and A Happy Ending

Hi, People!  My name is Enzo.

I'm a 28 pound, mixed-breed, male dog. Back in
2015, I was found roaming the streets of Fresno,
California. I had no tags, no ID chip, and I had not
been neutered. I was approximately 2 - 3 years
old. (Actually, I have no idea what a "year" is, but
that's what people said.)
On November 6, I got lucky! I was adopted by
Dave and Gil, a retired couple who lived in
Mountain View, California.
At first, Dave was a little cool about adopting a
dog. But Gil was persistent. She spent hours
searching the Internet. One day, I appeared on the
Copper's Dream Animal Rescue website: http://
www.coppersdream.org (Yes, I know about
websites. Mountain View is in Silicon Valley. I
learned a thing or two about technology.) They
applied to adopt me and I was theirs.
I got a warm bed, good food, and lots of affection.
I fell in love with my new people. Gil loved me
the minute I walked out of the van from Fresno,
and Dave came around very soon. We were a
This is what I looked like shortly after I was

I was skinny (only 22 pounds) and my hair was
short. I had a haircut after I was rescued because
my fur was a mess.
Like many rescue dogs, the transition to my new
home was not completely smooth. I was
protective of my new territory. Whenever guests
arrived, I barked non-stop. But Gil took me to lots
of group and individual training sessions. I'm
much better now. And I learned the important
stuff: sit, stay, come, and so forth. I even learned a
few tricks. Ask me to do a high-five! C'mon, ask
me. I want a treat!
After a while, Gil and Dave moved to a place
called Santa Rosa. I don't know why. I liked
Mountain View. Maybe they wanted me to live
where there are more trees and hiking trails. I do
love trees and hikes.
One thing about me puzzled Dave and Gil. I occasionally limped.

My right hind leg sometimes
didn't make it all the way to the ground. This did
not affect my activities, but my people wanted to
know why. They care about me!
So I went to the Montgomery Village Veterinary
Clinic where Dr. Ross X-rayed my leg. This is
what it showed:

In my former life, I had a broken leg. It healed.
But my right hind leg is a little shorter than the
left, and I am stuck with my limp.
The X-rays revealed another surprise - more
souvenirs of my life in Fresno:

I have two air rifle pellets in my body. Somebody
used me for target practice! Grrrrrr!
The good news is that Dr. Ross said, although my
leg bone could be in a better position, it is healed.
And my body has encapsulated the pellets. No
treatment is needed. I'm a tough little guy!
So life has settled into a wonderful routine. I have
lots of fun running on grassy fields:

I love to go to the beach:
That's me with Gil and her sister Veronique. Vero
lives really far away. When she came to visit, I let
her into my pack.

When it's not too warm, Gil and Dave take me on
shopping trips. I can put my head out of the car
window and let my ears fly in the wind.
When Gil and Dave go into the store, I stay in the
barking lot. They even leave the car windows
open a bit so people can hear me.
That's my story. I know I'm a big responsibility,
but Gil and Dave are really happy to have me in
their pack. I make them smile every day, and I
always let them know that I love them.
So if you have room in your heart and are willing
to take on some responsibility, there are lots of
great rescue dogs out there just waiting to be
adopted. I wish they all could have happy endings
like mine!

CLEAR THE SHELTERS THIS SATURDAY AUGUST 19, 2017  Please get out there and adopt!

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Enzo's story is heart-wrenching, but not uncommon.  When Dave and Gil brought Enzo to classes with me, he was nervous, agitated, close to feral.  Through hard work and patience, these two remarkable people brought this little guy back from the brink,  they took a chance and were very successful in rehabilitating him.  Now he lives a very happy dog life with his pack.  I am so very proud of these people.  Please pass on this story- especially to anyone considering adoption.  There is always hope! 


Jimi Dixon

Dog Behaviorist