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I first met Jimi six months ago when she was a trainer at Petco. I had adopted a young puppy from a rescue that I intended to self train as my anxiety and mobility service dog. I knew I needed to start with basic obedience before moving to the next steps. I started with a different trainer at Petco because of schedule conflicts but soon began to learn more of Jimi's philosophy of training and her background in training police dogs and search & rescue dogs and knew she was the one. She also believes in training the human to learn to be in tune with the dog, which I completely needed as a first time doggy parent. My general anxiety is bad enough on top of all the craziness that a new puppy brings. I had support at home but knew I needed to do this training on my own. Jimi helped me learn how to self regulate my own feelings and that my puppy was feeding off my energy. I started classes with Jimi after 2 session rounds with the first trainer and boy was there a different from a trainer to a behaviorist! I learned more of why Chase was reacting a certain way and how to read a dogs body language. When Jimi decided to move onto Pet Food Express, I decided that I needed to follow! She has 20+ years of knowledge and the other trainers had less than five years between the two of them, but neither had the level of knowledge that I knew I needed to train a service dog. She has made a large difference in my confidence and kicked my butt when I needed it. But she is also very encouraging in her teaching and slows down to explain things in a simpler format when I get lost. Chase is now 8 months and is almost ready to pass his Canine Good Citizen test and will soon be ready to pass his Public Access Test early next year! I am extremely happy that things fell into place and I found her!

Thanks a bunch,

Nicole McAdams

Dear Jimi,
My apologies for this very belated thank you.  It has now been 5 months since our family adopted our beautiful little pooch, Cupcake.  Thanks to you, we are all thriving!
I still cannot believe how kind you were to have started helping us, even before we brought Cupcake home.  After the heartbreak we experienced from having to return our first rescue dog due to aggression issues, you were patient enough to listen to the whole sad story, and then to advise us how to avoid similar issues should we adopt again.  Hiring you to work with our family, starting with the second day we brought Cupcake home with us, was singlehandedly the best decision we've ever made together as a family of four!
When I think of the progress that Cupcake, and our family, have all made under your guidance - it's almost miraculous what a long way we've come.  Especially given that neither my husband or I ever had our own dog growing up, you taught us so much that all of us (even our 6 year old son) now have the ability to "think and speak dog" and to communicate effectively with her.  I used to have so much anxiety about every little thing Cupcake did, probably because SHE was anxious too; but now thanks to you, I now feel confident in handling any situation!  And the best thing is that there are really no situations to "handle" anymore - Cupcake has truly blossomed into a confident, secure member of our family.  
You truly gave us an incredible gift.  I sincerely believe this would not have been possible without you.  I won't say we didn't have to work for it too - but without you, we wouldn't have known where to begin!
Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.  We would be thrilled to speak with any prospective clients of yours should they have any questions about you.  We recommend you to anyone without reservation.
All the best,
Elaine, Mark, Emma and Mile

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