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Jimi Dixon

Dog Behaviorist



The first thing to understand about dog training is that dogs are not humans in furry suits.  They are animals- honorable creatures that have unique abilities far beyond what we have.  What they DON'T have is a speech center in their brain.  They have language, but it is largely body language.  It is normal for us to try to use human language to train dogs, we will do what we know.

I believe in training humans to take on more primal body language.  Humans are auditory from birth, and we have basic human body language that we communicate with, but we need to learn to talk less and use canine body language in order to better communicate with them.

Dog behavior is not complicated, but humans are.  Since the first wolf began to follow humans to get food, they have been watching us.  Every breath, heartbeat,  body movement, look or facial expression is taken in, assessed and used to determine what to do next in order to get a reward, food, connection, or just survive.  Learn to use a new language and really communicate with your best friend!

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Jimi Dixon

Dog Behaviorist