Fuzzy Wolf Canine Behavioral Training

private rates

All private lessons are given in the client's home,  or other location requested

$85.00/hour for one-time visits and consultations

The initial assessment and recommendations for training

$450.00 for 6 class package

Understanding Canines- Mastering Body Language

Techniques to create canine Trust and Respect

Practicing with play

Commands: Watch Me!, Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Name Game, Walking on a relaxed leash, Leave it, Drop it, Give, and more..

Great for first time Dog or Puppy

$225.00 for 3 class package

Generally, the 3 class package is for doggy tune-ups or single issues

Good for learning to walk better, learning a new skill with your dog and for review of Potty Training

Hours- Any days except Mondays and Wednesdays

9 am-7 pm

Nothing better than kids walking dogs!



Private Lessons held in your home, the dog park or other venue

Private lessons are for clients  who feels they need special attention, have kids or a big family, have behavior problems with their dog that they cannot solve, or  want to prepare for specialty training

Roxy's paw

Jimi Dixon

Dog Behaviorist